Dear Sadharmik,

Jain Center of NJ appreciates your sponsorship of Derasar events. We would kindly request you to follow guidelines outlined below. Please join us in making each event more organized and enjoyable by maintaining the sanctity and cleanliness of our Derasar.

1. All sponsors of Puja and Samuh Samayiks will have to pay nakro, which is as follow:

  • Individual sponsors - $51 each
  • Group Sponsors - $201

2. Puja supplies (saman) to be brought by sponsor

  • Two (2) Coconuts
  • Eight (8) Fruits
  • Eight (8) Sweet Pieces
  • Two (2) Cups of Rice
  • One (1) Bunch Flowers
  • Ten (10) Dollars worth of Quarters

For more information please contact:

Usha Gandhi : 201-792-1153 / 201-303-9973

Jigar Shah : 201-355-4417

Food Preparation

1. Number of items during Puja is limited to only Six (6) items excluding chutney, aachar and soft-drinks.

2. Number of items during Saturday Opening, Sunday Opening, or Samuh Samayiks limited to only Three (3) items excluding chutney, aachar and soft-drink.

* Shrikhand, Yogurt and Raita are prohibited on all occasions.

* Number of Items restriction does not apply during Parushan, New Years, Ayambil, and Mahavir Jayanti Celebration

For more information please contact :

Usha Gandhi : 201-792-1153 / 201-303-9973

Jigar Shah : 201-355-4417

Facility Rental

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