JCNJ Youth Club

The primary goal of the JCNJ Youth Club is to inspire and engage the new generation, aged 12 and above, to become involved with the JCNJ community. Throughout the year, the Youth Club will offer a diverse range of programs, including social activities, charity services, game nights, creative arts, and other enjoyable activities. The Youth Club will also assist JCNJ with their volunteering needs, giving the youth an excellent opportunity to earn community service hours while giving back to JCNJ.

Join JCNJ Youth Club
Join the Youth Club* in this exciting journey of growth, learning, and contribution to the JCNJ community, while creating memories and friends that will stay with the younger generation for years to come!

Click here to fill out JCNJ Youth Club Application Form.

Contact youth@jaincenternj.org with any questions!

*Please note that while there is no separate membership dues for the Youth Club, all members must have an active JCNJ Membership.